Employers remain unprepared for IRS reporting

They say the more things change, the more they remain the same. Case in point: the reformation of the U.S. healthcare system under the banner of the Affordable Care Act. When the new laws were first implemented, confusion abounded. Thousands of pages of legislation were written, leaving employers, their workforces and even some benefits professionals […]

How do HSA plans affect low-wage workers?

High-deductible group health plans may get much of their power to hold down claim costs by pushing the lowest-wage workers to use cheaper drugs. At one large U.S. manufacturer that offers high-deductible coverage, the enrollees who had coverage through a low-wage appear to be spending about 70 percent less on prescription drugs. Use of high-deductible […]

10 healthcare differences between Clinton, Trump

10 healthcare differences between Clinton, Trump As the presidential candidates continue stumping around the country, many will hear their views on the current state of healthcare in the United States. Corporate Synergies, an employer benefits brokerage and consultancy, has rounded up the views of Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on many […]

California to crack down on out-of-network billing

A bill approved by the California legislature this week represents a major milestone for consumer and patient advocates. Under the new law, which was passed by both houses of the legislature and is expected to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, most Californians who receive treatment at a hospital or clinic that is within their […]

How to help employees make smart decisions in a consumer-driven health plan

With healthcare costs continually rising, an increasing number of employers are providing their employees with more choices when it comes to health insurance plans. This is helping employers save money on insurance premiums, but it’s making the decision process more difficult for employees. The key to helping employees make the best decision in a consumer-driven […]

Employers passing rising healthcare costs onto employees

Healthcare costs are rising. And as employers face higher price tags, many are pushing costs onto workers to help maintain budgets. The average cost per covered employee has increased by nearly $500 in the span of one year, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s new Health Care Benchmarking Report, released Tuesday. Employers spent […]

Why health insurance could cost employees a raise

For 2017, PwC’s Health Research Institute projects a 6.5% growth rate in medical cost trends, the same as in the current year. They also report signs that the decade’s slowing medical cost growth rate could tick back up as new healthcare access points increase utilization. Alex Tolbert is the founder of Bernard Health, a company […]

6 ways employers can help employees pick the right healthcare benefits

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a shift toward consumerism. Driven by rising healthcare costs, employers continue to shift financial responsibility to their employees in the form of higher deductibles and out of pocket costs. This change represents a complete paradigm shift for consumers, who must now take a more active role in […]

How employers can leverage the approaching 2017 ACA fee moratorium

Do you remember Dec. 18 when Congress and the president delayed the Cadillac tax until 2020? Do you remember reading that the same new law also placed a one-year moratorium on the annual fee the Affordable Care Act imposes on most health insurers? Because this moratorium was for 2017, I filed this latter news in […]

How employer handbook policies violate the National Labor Relations Act

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is laser-like focused on scrutinizing employer personnel policies. In yet another example of this ongoing campaign, a recent administrative law judge (ALJ) decision highlights how some common employer’s handbook policies can be found to be unlawful. Here are just a few of the policies the ALJ considered and found illegal: […]